Pay For Soccer Online

If you've registered for community soccer, you can use this form to submit payment for the season. Note that you'll need to separately verify your identity.

Please ensure you select the right age group for each player. Fees will be calculated according to the following schedule:

Fee Schedule
Born Age Group Fee
2020-2019 U4/U5 Mixed $135
2018-2017 U7 Mixed $160
2016-2015 U9 $210
2014-2013 U11 $240
2012-2011 U13 $280
2010-2009 U15 $280
2008-2007 U17 $280
2006-2005 U19 $280
Order Details

You may pay for up to 5 players under your Membership ID:

Order Total
Player Name Registration Number Age Group Fee
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